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Judy Maris
Thank you, David! I was suffering from an extreme flareup of a painful chronic disorder that pharmaceuticals failed to alleviate. On my first visit to see David Trevino, my pain level dropped in half and my edema disappeared. With several more treatments, I was in total remission and back to enjoying an active, engaged life. I have weaned myself off the pain meds and been pain-free. Thank you so much, David!
5 Stars without hesitation! I had acupuncture 30 years ago, and just recently went to this clinic. My provider is one of the best clinicians I have experienced in over 30 years; highly skilled, compassionate, and very knowledgeable. 5 stars without hesitation!
Excellent "2" Bravo again to team "The Alternative Clinic". Their holistic approach and caring view of patient goals is both refreshing and successful. You feel welcome walking in the door. Their knowledge level is truly unique. They are a one of the anchors of my "healthspan" life goals.
Matilda Whiteside
Need healing I'm greatly looking forward to experiencing what they can treat me with and what is best for me.
Sciatic Pain Reduction I have never experienced sciatic nerve pain. It is an awful and painful and attention getting experience. The learned practitioners at the clinic were able to treat me with acupuncture so precise that I experienced immediate relief. And that’s a wonderful thing. I cannot recommend them more highly.
Helped with general fatigue and low spirits JulieAnne is so very kind and attentive, she really listens to what's going on with you personally and works to find just the right formula to meet your needs. I like that the clinic is non-profit and she is is aware of and tries to minimize cost to the patient when possible. I highly recommend their services.
Miraculous really I’ve tried it all... from chemicals to alternatives and hands down this place is the best! I’ve been seeing my practitioner for about a year now... he’s treated me for colds, pain, depression and everything in between and I’m convinced of this modalité 100%! So grateful I found them when I did.
Excellent I am a total advocate. JulieAnn, Andrew and whole team are excellent. They solved a problem in my shoulder no MD, trainer, or physical therapist ever could. Big plus too is a happy environment.
The Real Deal These folks are the real deal. I am an RN skeptical of alternative medicine but I am a believer now. Thanks Andrew, my carpal tunnel symptoms are the best they have been since diagnosis including when I had a steroid injection. Not everyone who hangs a shingle outside of their buisness has this level of training and professionalism. Choose wisely Asheville. Could not be happier. The gain is well worth the pain.
Grover's, mono - GONE! I began seeing Andrew 9 months ago with incredible exhaustion from mono that wouldn't heal, debilitating arthritis in my hands, and Grover's Disease which I was told there was no treatment for. In my first treatment, Andrew got my hands to release and I could play the piano again with no pain! He is also working on my immune system; my energy and sense of humor are back - and the Grover's is almost completely gone. I am incredibly grateful for his compassion and the treatments based on his years of learning and experiences in China.
Michelle H
Wow! They are the best!
Thank you! I have not felt more normal and alive in many, many years. I have autoimmune issues. Years of Doctors and test and never really feeling great. After just 2 months working with JulieAnn I cant believe the difference, how good I feel, and now suffering is not the normal for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart...
Adel A
Thank you for helping me heal! I was diagnosed with a compressed nerve in my cervical spine after dealing with debilitating pain in my neck and shoulder as well as pins and needles and loss of feeling in my arm and hand for months. Six weeks of doctor prescribed physical therapy did nothing for my situation. On a whim, I walked into the Asheville Alternative Clinic after seeing their chalkboard sign while walking down Broadway one afternoon. I was paired with Practitioner Liz Cross, and I couldn't be more grateful for what she's been able to do for me. After the first treatment, the numbness in my hand went away. A month's worth of weekly acupuncture and body work treatments, and I feel good again for the first time in six months since this ordeal began. I love their holistic approach to treatment and their dedication to solving the root problem rather than managing the symptoms. If you're in pain and other treatments haven't helped, I highly recommend giving Chinese medicine and acupuncture a try. The staff is always friendly and informative and I can't say enough good things about my Practitioner, Liz. She is warm, caring, and committed to helping you. She has an extremely calming energy and a genuine compassion. Thank you Alternative Clinic, and thank you Liz Cross.
Julie Ann is the best Julie Ann is amazing. She knows my body better than any Dr. that I have been to anywhere. She constantly asks if I am doing okay during treatment. She has been able to relieve my pain and treat my hot flashes without hormones through the use of hot tea. Truly Amazing!!! I have and will continue to recommend her
Real Care The care I received from JulieAnn was so amazing. Finding myself in severe pain and lab work that indicated an inflammatory process in my body I sought care when traditional medicine offered nothing except waiting. JulieAnn is a healer. In 3 weeks my pain went from severe to mild, my energy improved and I felt my usual sense of well being again. This is what real care looks like. There is much metta at this clinic. With much gratitude.
Dan Wilson
Spirit lead me here. Was traveling through Asheville and stopped for the evening. Set up an appointment with Ben. Instead of the regular massage he asked to do some energy work on me. I don't know exactly what he did but I have never experienced it. Completely changed my head space. Now I need to come back for a week soon to have them work with me again.
Finally...relief! I had no experience with acupuncture and was frankly a little skeptical. Recently I had endured shoulder and elbow pain that I could not find relief for, even after being to an orthopedic doctor. I decided to try acupuncture. David is amazing. He has not only treated and healed my shoulder and elbow but an issue in my lower back as well. I am so grateful for what he has done to help me, and I will continue to have acupuncture is my body care arsenal. I am now a believer and recommend to anyone looking for relief from pain!
Judith Walter
Love JulieAnn JulieAnn is amazing. She got rid of my hip pain when doctors failed to do so, I highly recommend her for whatever your ache or pain is... it works
roger klinger
superb clinic The Alternative Clinic is a superb and rare gift to us all. Andrew Nugent-Head and his team are wonderful practitioners, offering the very best of integrative medicine with deep knowledge, compassion and wisdom. This fall I was diagnosed with a rare genetic heart defect and had my entire life rearranged quickly, seeking medical treatment at Duke and working concurrently with Andrew who stepped right in immediately, always making room to help me get stabilized and heal. Andrew has been enormously helpful to me throughout this crisis and is able to work fully in tandem with western medicine, providing me with invaluable knowledge, expertise,support and wisdom. Andrew and his team went above and beyond for for me, making sure I always received the very best care throughout this challenging time in my life. His knowledge and mastery of traditional Chinese medicine is amazing and his kindness, guidance and constant support has helped me move forward into health and healing. The entire staff at this clinic is a pleasure to work with and we are so fortunate to have this resource here in Asheville. Having worked in the field of holistic health and healing for many years, in my experience, it is rare to find a center of this high caliber that is able to bridge both eastern and western medicine so completely.
Amazing JulieAnn Nugent-Head is amazing, nurturing and knowledgeable. After years of skin issues with eczema, my daughter has finally experienced some lasting relief. We are thankful.
Gail F
Absolutely Perfect! I recently vacationed in Asheville for the weekend. I somehow hurt my back the morning I left on the trip. I had so many plans that involved lots and lots of walking so I knew a massage was in order. I happened across The Alternative Clinic and it was the best thing that could've happened. I had a 30-minute absolutely fantastic massage with Maria and felt 100% better afterwards. She was attentive, strong and knew exactly how to loosen my tight muscles. This was the best find of my whole trip! Thanks Maria!!
Incredible healers I stumbled upon this place but am so grateful that I did. I cannot say enough wonderful things. David has helped me with joint and muscle pain, common colds that have lingered in my kids are gone in a few days after seeing him and he helped me heal my body from a parasite that I had been trying to get rid of for two years! I can’t recommend enough. Thank you for all you do!
Fantastic Fantastic treatment with thorough explanation. One on one and suits your specific needs. I highly recommend the Alternative Clinic!
Game Changer As someone who has studied under ATS and received treatment from Andrew I cannot recommend his skills and commitment highly enough. ATS continues to be a genuine game changer for the practice of Chinese Medicine in the West and with the opening of the new clinic in Ashville the local residents have a fantastic resource on their doorstep. I encourage you to consider treatment with the clinic to support your health and to support the work of its current and future practitioners.
Extraordinary I have been to several acupuncturists over the years looking for relief of various symptoms I have had for years. Quite frankly these symptoms were debilitating in many ways and although some were temporarily relieved through various efforts none had addressed all of the symptoms as one. I was referred to Julie Ann by a respected friend and I had hopes that a few more symptoms would be addressed but my experience was so much more than what I had expected. When I sat down with Julie Ann to discuss what was going on, she asked very specific, directed questions which was what I had experienced in the past with other providers but the end treatment quite literally changed my life. She did some body work and acupuncture then prescribed herbal supplements for me to take each day. She said that what I had been experiencing was very treatable and seemed to completely understand what I was going through. She took into account my entire well being and treated accordingly. I have had good experiences in the past (as I mentioned) with other providers but my experience with the Alternative Clinic and Julie Ann have been outstanding to say the least. I am grateful they chose Asheville as their new home!!
Each Visit Better Than the Last Both Andrew and JulieAnn are incredible practitioners! I had several sport related injuries and after minimal sessions and maximum effort by both, I am feeling so much better. Each visit is better than the last. I cant say enough good about their practice, skill, and care level!!
Results I am a licensed acupuncturist, and have seen at least a dozen acupuncturists, some really good and some really bad, over twenty years. Andrew and Julie Ann are easily among the best! I have gotten powerful and lasting results from their treatments. Their knowledge of herbs is excellent, their knowledge of acupuncture is exceptional. They are both friendly and easy to get along with. If you want a flowery, ethereal treatment with candles and incense, where the practitioner coos over you and you don't hardly feel the needle, this may not be the place for you. If you want acupuncture that it is rooted in true Chinese Medicine, practiced in a tradition over a thousand years old, by practitioners who have spent decades practicing in China, and get results, well, this is the place.